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The same thing happened to me in 2012. I was taken for $3,900 by Nevada Corporate Headquarters. But my situation is different and a little more scary, because I believe that this is a new scam that Nevada Corporate Headquarters is pulling.

In the summer of a 2012 I went online to find a place that could help us to buy a business. I found Nevada Corporate Headquarters, but I didn't do my due dilligence obviously. :-( When I called the phone number I talked to a man named Don. He told me that it would cost $190 to do a credit assessment to make sure that our credit was good enough to start a business. I paid the $190 and the next day Don called me to tell me that our credit was good enough to start a business and he told me that a new person would be taking our case now with the company. Since Don was just the secretary. So he puts me through to a man named Jim (forgot last name.)

Jim then described what the company does, which is to help build up your business credit so that you can apply for a business loan, which they also do for you etc... and that they would be our registered agent if we incorporated with their company in Nevada. Jim said that the whole program would cost $3,900. $900 of that would go to buy the business license. So we ended up getting a $5,000 loan from our bank so that we could afford the $3,900.

Jim then told us that he would be handing me over to a man named David Horrowitz, would now take our money and set us up on the business program. David then came on the line and he took our money, and then told me that I would be receiving emails with instructions on what I will need to do to help build business credit and to start on the business program.

I got the emails, and tried to do what it said, and stayed in touch with David. Not even two weeks later I get a call at work from a man named Harry Williams, who works for Nevada Corporate Headquarters, and he proceeded to tell me that I had just been scammed by a former employee of theirs named David Horrowitz, and his associate Jim (forgot last name.) Apparently, David Horrowitz quit from NCH and opened up his own business called Creative Business Solutions, and he had another employee/friend, who still worked at NCH to funnel business clients to David and his new business. It was me, and three other poor souls who got duped by this guy, by being funneled to the scam artist.

I felt bad because these other people lost a lot more money than I did. But I am still out $3,900. Harry Williams at NCH told me that they could still help me for no charge, and they were suing David Horrowitz. I said okay, I would still like to work with NCH for free, but they never really did anything for me at all. It has been over a year now and I still don't have a business but I do have a lot of debt, since I am still paying off this loan to my bank.

What I am wondering is if this was a scam done by NCH all along. Did NCH set up this whole scheme so that they can bilk people out of their money? Or did one of their employees really quit and then commit corporate espionage? I wish I knew what to do to get my money back, but I believe this is why they pull off these scams, because most people don't have any recourse to get their money back.

Monetary Loss: $3900.

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Utica, Michigan, United States #1301583

I've worked with NCH for a year now and I'm happy with their business. No complaints.

I used their business credit building model and I'm right on track. Hopefully will be applying for some business credit soon.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1249875

I worked for Mr. Christie over 8 years ago.

He was a great and honset man. I can't imagine him involved in any scam.

Good luck to everyone trying to resolve their issue's. ☺


have been doing business with NCH for 5 years and never had a problem of any kind. they have been great to deal with for set up and operation of 5 of my companies


I used NCHI to set up my LLC in 2013, I didn't have any problems with them. They did everything they said they would it took about to weeks to have everything in place to do business legally.

They might be telling you the truth, and hopefully it gets straightened out.

What are you doing to get resolved, personally I'm relentless and kind of bossy (so I'm told). I would not be waiting for a resolute I would be pursuing it, vigorously.


your just all a bunch of bigger than life suckers. I'am going to do business with a guy named Jim.

Los Angeles, California, United States #906505

if you people have lost money in this scam you should report it to this web site IC3.GOV for help, make

sure you have proof of your loss they do not play and good luck.



to Anonymous #855570

Follow the link to the court case. I doubt the business owner would waste time suing his own employee if they were running a scam.

to Anonymous #855702

Hello Anonymous,

I followed the link to the court case but the link only led me to an error page. I tried putting in the court case number of 9314492 but it only brings up too civil lawsuits against scambook.

So I don't know what you are referring too.

I am still apt to believe that I was scammed by Nevada Corporate Headquarters at this point.

to taurbabe #855703

Sorry that was supposed to say that it only brings up two civil lawsuits against scambook.

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