Nevada Corporate Headquarters GOES BY MANY DIFFERENT NAMES like Nevada State Corporate Network or Zapper Credit Special to avoid the blogs and complaints written by all the victims they have SCAMMED.

I am a small business owner who was taken by the THIEVES at NEVADA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS for $4,000 of my hard earned dollars. I heard their ads and called them for more information

Nevada Corporate Headquarters told me if I paid them $4000 they would form my corporation and get me loans for my business through my corporation without me having to personally guarantee the loans using my personal credit.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters LIED. I left messages for their manager but NO ONE AT NEVADA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS BOTHERED TO CALL ME BACK.

I HAD TO DISPUTE THEIR CHARGE WITH MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY. Those Sons of *** at Nevada Corporate Headquarters were willing to lie to my credit card company and say they were performing a service for me in order to KEEP MY MONEY. I AM STILL TRYING TO FIGHT THEIR CHARGE. Those cheaters at Nevada Corporate Headquarters sure know how to run a SCAM.


Here is what other victims of Nevada Corporate Headquarters are saying:


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint from RipOffReport.com:

I have read the reviews about Nevada Corporate Headquarters and I must concur with the negatives stated about the company. We purchased the Business Credit Building Program for $5000!

After paying the company with an American Express, we found we received one start up kit and a two phone calls. The phone calls were to tell us we would be receiving more phone calls from the credit counselors. To our surprise, we would sit by the phone and wait for a Nevada Corporate Headquarters Coach to call us and THEY NEVER CALLED.

WE FELT SO BAD, LIKE WE HAD TRULY BEEN SCAMMED. Nevada Corporate Headquarters promised to build our business credit within 6 weeks with additional streamline funding. What a joke.


The brokers fees were enormous and he did not even know the status of our profile with Nevada Corporate Headquarters. After this, we brought the issues to our sales rep attention; the follow through we received was a total joke.


We filed a charge back with our Amercian Express and Nevada Corporate Headquarters has the guts to appeal the charge back making false claims and stating they did everything as promised. Beware...if you have $5000 to throw out the window for a cheap start up kit then go ahead and work with these thieves.

If you really want to work with a professional company who will follow through with the services promised...DO NOT WORK WITH NEVADA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS

We have now filed a complaint with the BBB and also are working with our local lawyer to begin filing a civil claim in Nevada. Do your homework on this company...they are totally misleading...there are many people in the same situation as we are and many have filed complaints with the BBB with the same problems...


Matt Dayton, Wyoming U.S.A.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint from RipOffReport.com:

I was referred to Lonnie Weissman by Chris Sanders. Weissman is a very high pressure salesman who talked me into buying the Nevada Corporate Headquarters program: you get your corporation to build up its credit score and then take out a loan in the name of the corporation. He calls it the "Business Funding Accelerator".

The next day I found someone else doing basically the same thing for half the cost. I called him and he said he could also do that for $2, 000 but the extra $1500 was to get me a cash loan.

I asked for some references of clients who had gotten such a loan using his services. Eventually I said I want a refund- you haven't given me anything.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters told me they have a no refund policy and when they verified my credit card info that person read that to me and it was on tape. I said no one ever said any such thing, and lets hear the tape. HE NEVER COULD PRODUCE THE TAPE OF ME AGREEING TO THE TERMS.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters now refuses to take my calls or respond in any way. They have a negative rating from the BBB as well.

Bill Little , Alabama U.S.A.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint taken from RipOffReport.com:

I paid $2006.95 to Nevada Corporate Headquarters for business credit building in November, 2006. Three years later and I Did Not Get Anything Benefit From Their Service.

I called Nevada Corporate Headquarters to refund my money and they simply refused.

I would like for them to refund the money immediately. They may send me an RMA label so I can send them their crappy little corporate kit back.

Sam, Saint Peters, Missouri U.S.A.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint FROM RIPOFFREPORT.COM:

As a consumer, I have an ethical duty to make other consumers aware of entities which solicit a service, enter into contractual agreements, accept the money and then under perform and mismanage.

I am a client of Nevada Corporate Headquarters. I had paid Nevada Corporate Headquarters a total of $1600.00 to register and manage a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Nevada for the purpose of asset protection and tax benefits.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters assigned me a "corporate coach" as part of the management service. Her name is Jazzmen Stafford. I have experienced a history of refusal to reply to my emails and phonecalls. Jazzmen and Nevada Corporate Headquarters has neglected to proactively provide me with a copy of my business EIN and other paperwork until I complained to executive management.

I have experienced a serious lack of professionalism and honesty on the part of Nevada Corporate Headquarters. I paid Nevada Corporate Headquarters to open my corporate account in Nevada. NEVADA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS NEVER PERFORMED THE SERVICE AND REFUSE TO GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

I encourage any party who is seriously considering the filing and management withregistered agent for an LLC , Go To Google And Search for Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaints and Nevada Corporate Headquarters Rip off reports. You Will Be Sickened at what you find out about them.

I cannot trust Nevada Corporate Headquarters after what I have been through with Ms. Stafford.

I will be dissolving the LLC in Nevada and using another establishment which passes the research. Please exercise extreme caution with Nevada Corporate Headquarters. If you hire this establishment and they burn you, as they have me, please don't say that you were not extended a heads up. __________________________________________________________________________


Nevada Corporate Headquarters makes you see a fake high FICO score using freecreditreport.com.

Their sales person leads you to believe you will definitely be approved for up to $300, 000.00 from a private lending source.

Then you have to pay them another $1,500.00 only SO THEY CAN SELL YOUR FILE TO A different company that MIGHT do the business loan.

Just go directly to usbloanla.com without having to pay $1,500.00 to Nevada Corporate Headquarters.

Don't fall for their Bull-***.

Patrick Denver, Colorado U.S.A.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint from pissedconsumer.com:

In my opinion, Nevada Corporate Headquarters is a Complete Scam. They totally misrepresented costs and services.

After they got my initial money to incorporate I was told I needed to send them more money for services I didn't need or want or would use.

When I refused to pay for the services Nevada Corporate Headquarters ignored me, treated me poorly and refused to help me any further. Phone calls were never returned and when my sales consultant Mr. Brick, did answer I was given vague, idiotic, simple answers just to get rid of me. Clearly Brick isnt very smart because his lies are so weak and obvious.

Promises to "get back to me" were never kept. The money I paid was a total waste. I essentially received nothing of any value or use to me.

It cost me less money to dissolve the LLC in NV and re-incorporate in my home state, with the help of a paralegal, then it did for Nevada Corporate Headquarters to incorporate me in NV. ___________________________________________________________________

Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint from pissedconsumer.com :

I originally called this company to simply inquire as to what they could do to set up an LLC. They originally quoted me $1500 for the full set of services.

Then, two days later, I got a call from a "VP of Client Services" who - after a big song and dance, told me the total would be over $6500! I said no, and then was shuttled off to another, very high pressure individual who "appeared" to be highed in the organization.

At this point, I recognized the high pressure bait and switch, told them no way, and hung up. One week later I found out Nevada Corporate Headquarters CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION for $6500 ! This was three months ago, and I am presently in a battle with my credit card company trying to remove the charge from my credit card.

These thieves continue to tell the credit card company they are providing services when they have never done a single thing for me at all. I've appealed to my state's attorney general's office as a last resort ... stay tuned.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint taken from PissedConsumer.com:

Nevada Corporate Headquarters SCAM REPORT

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments made here - I was about to make a very big mistake. It seems their prices have gone up. I just got off the phone with Ms. Henry, who quoted me $1500 down, $597 a month for the next six months to set up a Nevada corporation and get me a $50, 000 credit line. It sounded strange to me, to say the least. I'm glad I came here first! Thanks


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint from PissedConsumer.com:

I used to work for Nevada Corporate Headquarters

The other ex-employee from Henderson, Nevada said it best and couldn't be more correct.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters is a boiler room and most employees discover this shortly after being hired and quit like I did.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters burns through 40 new telemarketers a week.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters telemarketers only get paid $300 a week if they meet a quota of $10, 000 a week which is next to impossible.

I actually was one of the few employees to ever hit quota first week straight out of training and I stuck around for about 3 weeks before I realized they were running a scam and were just hiring glorified drug dealers to hook up the more experienced scam artists they call Credit Coaches for the Customer Upsell.

I would love to take a moment to tell you about a couple of very good companies that provide great Corporate services but that would just discredit my testimony above.

There are a few good ones out there though. It's best to search Google and the Better Business Bureau, check out the number of complaints that are listed for each company.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters Complaint from PissedConsumer.com:

Just a note to all you business owners out there waiting for Nevada Corporate Headquarters to take care of you. LIES! These people will drop the ball on you and then kick you to the curb.

Once they have your money kiss customer service goodbye! If you try to get a refund for any service or product they provide they will simply tell you NO! The claim will be that you signed the document agreeing to pay the fee and the only refund is from the Guarantee. Since you signed the document while signing up for the program or service you will never get a refund.

It is the policy of Nevada Corporate Headquarters not to give a refund unless they are forced to by the credit card company. I know first hand.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters has a constant stream of employees flowing through the doors. You will never have the same person helping you for more than a few weeks.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters hires 30-40 people every week. 30-40 people are fired every week or quit. Every qualified person I have ever spoken with at this company no longer works there. After employees leave, the staff is instructed to lie about the circumstances of their departure. ie; Promotion, Moved, Vacation, or some other lie designed to fool the client so they can get more of your money.

After doing business with this company since 2008, I can tell you it would be a mistake to give Nevada Corporate Headquarters your money, time, trust, or business. You will walk away disgusted and angry. On more than one occasion I have tried to be reasonable with the staff and owners of this company and have received nothing but the runaround.

No one at Nevada Corporate Headquarters is interested in you after they have your money unless you have more money to get. If they think you will buy more stuff you will be treated great until you buy it, and then forgotten.

Just because they spend 50 thousand dollars a week advertising does not make them a good company. It just goes to show that there is a sucker born every minute. Dont be the next one.

If you do a little research you will find that NEVADA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS HAS BEEN SUED MANY TIMES for failing to provide the services that were promised. Though covering this up and LYING about the circumstances is policy for them.

The Nevada Corporate Headquarters sales pitch goes like this, if you buy a corporation or LLC the price is $1049. Then within the next thirty days you must pay another $250 as a surprise fee to the Secretary of State for your initial list of managers or members. A certificate of good standing will run you another...$250. Surprise!

$1300 for a corporation that costs $300? Then an additional $250 if they have talked you into a Nevada Entity so you can file in your home state. Plus $150 to be your R.A. Every Year. RIP-OFF!!!

By the time you are done you end up paying way more than most attorneys would have charged you. Plus the corporations are filed by a processing department with no legal experience. You can believe if a mistake is made you will pay in the long run. Bottom line is this. If you fall victim to the radio ads and internet garbage that Nevada Corporate Headquarters throws at you every hour on the hour, then you cannot blame anyone but yourself.

$2210 for the credit program can only be paid up front. That way when you are pissed off for not getting the product or service you paid for, you cannot get a refund.

Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere! The stories you find on the internet about people spending $30,000 and not getting anything are all true. I have seen firsthand how Nevada Corporate Headquarters operates and you will get BURNED!!!

Christian Michaels, Henderson, Nevada U.S.A.

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whoever wrote this is an *** NSCN was never NCH and vise versa ***

Orlando, Florida, United States #993069



As for Nevada Corp Headquarters....This company scams many into getting money. I know cause I walked out on them as a previous employee cause there wrong doings and misrepresents it's clients..I'm so gls to be out of their boiler room....I hope you understand that positive reviews are made up by the higher ups of NCH and complaints are the real deal a total ponsi sceem

Los Angeles, California, United States #661419

I have used Nevada Corporate Headquarters for 2 of my businesses and have had nothing but success.It is up to the person that applies to them to read the contract.

failure to do so will result in what you see here.

A bunch of nonsense from people who dont understand business.Hats of off to to 8 years with them

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #654321

I'm a ex-employee of NCH.First of all, all of these so-called complaints, are hilarious.

If any of these complaints were true, then NCH wouldn't have been in business for over 23 years. One complaint pitted NCH the same company as NEVADA STATE CORPORATE NETWORK! Please do your research for God's sake. If you take the steps NCH says to take, you will be successful.

It will always cost money to properly set up a business. As far as funding, NCH has over 100 private lenders, but there are steps to take to get funded.

If you think you can pay 350$ to get over $30,000, then you should not run a company.Call NCH now and get a great and informative consultation.


Nevada Corporate Headquarters is not FRAUD you just didnt have a successful business.ROCKSTAR energy drink, the book the secret, and many more have went through NCH.

that place is full of people who care and have much respect for our calls. THEY call me to make sure all my paper work is up to date.

I can a proud customer.i rather pay more and get everything done right.


I signed on with NCH for $350, and then they wanted me to pay a total of $3700 to incorporate in nevada and get business loans etc etc.

Good thing I found you guys here, that $350 was a mistake, but it could have been a lot bigger one.

Thanks for your input guys!


Thank you for the information. However, because of the ripoff of other I will never do business with you. Your sales rep got the scam down to an art but you forgot about the power of the pen.


Sales Rep told me that price for LLC was $640.He failed to tell me that there would be additional $325 per year, plus $197 North Carolina plus $210.

I DID NOT FIND OUT about these ADDITIONAL charges UNTIL THEY HAD PERFORMED ALL OF THE WORK. So per their refund policy I get no refund because they already did most of the work. I want a full refund because they did not disclose all the money needed to complete the services nor the annual renewal fee. They only disclosed it AFTER per their refund policy I would not be able to get a REFUND This is very unethical and I am very very upset.

I do NOT have this money to lose and they are a large corporation who do indeed have this money to refund Jennifer the refund lady simply said "well, did you ask if there were any additional charges?" No I did not because he told me the price and said that was all I needed and I trusted him and this company. I was billed $640 on Feb 12, 2012 I received one package on Feb 18 2012, I received the other package on Feb 24, 2012 I received a welcome call from my 'coach' Elizabeth who said I should contact her when both packages arrived I tried to get her but got no answer (this was before her family emergency leave this week (3/5) I got a phone call from Megan who said that Elizabeth doesn't set up her appointments herself. So I asked, why didn't she say that in her phone call, why didn't she email me or call me back and tell me to make my appointment with Megan? Come to find out...

I had my meeting with her Monday March 5, today I was called and told that i need to give them $210 plus $197. I am furious at this business practice.

It is a highly deceptive practice and a rip off as I can get this same service, same quality service performed for less than what they charge.This is extremely poor business practice to perform the work up to the level of no refund per their policy and then bombard the client with all the additional charges

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to E Collins Henderson, Nevada, United States #601073

So she works on the west coast.Which makes sense why her appointments are PST.

I suppose that she should have not tended to her family emergency.

You appear to be more important.

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